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How to Get Sponsor for Blog and Youtube
How to Get Sponsor for Blog and Youtube

How to Get Sponsor for Blog and Youtube

“Sponsorship” is one of the Trending topics on the Internet. Everyone wants to earn money, therefore, Youtube and blog is the best option but the problem is there is not so much earning with the ads so today We are going to tell you stunning ways to get Sponsorship. Let’s move ahead on the topic “How to Get Sponsor for Blog and Youtube”.

I am Going to tell you many ways but if you will continue reading then, at last of this article I will tell you the Killer ways for Getting Sponsorship

How to Get Sponsor for your BLOG?

How to Get Sponsorship for Blog
How to Get Sponsorship for Blog

Everyone loves blogging, and blogging sponsorship may give you up to $1000 per post but the problem is you will never get sponsorship for your Blog in an easy manner and if you have not so many posts, views then don’t think about Sponsorship. But don’t get sad here is the best way-

There is a website called www.sponsoredreviews.com  which is very popular among every blogger. Just go ahead and create your account and add your website. If your website deserves then you will get sponsorship as soon as possible.

How to Get Sponsor for Youtube Channel?

How to get SPONSORS

Just like Sponsoredreviews.com, there is a website which every youtube must know called “FAMEBIT” and URL is www.famebit.com. If you are YouTubers then create a CREATOR ACCOUNT and start earning money.

I love famebit.com because there is no other alternate website of Famebit who can gain so much popularity.

Now, We have known some ways to get sponsorship but still, you may be managed not get sponsorship but don’t feel sad again, just want to show you another killer ways to get sponsorship for both youtube and blog.

How to Get Sponsors for BOTH Youtube and Blog – The Killer Way

Here is the secret I’m going to tell you about sponsorship which I used and earned a lot of money, so without wasting a second let’s get to the point.

There is a website called Fiverr.com I already explain you about that website.

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so, I assume that you have read that post but in short “Fiverr is a website which allows you to Sell your Own Service or Buy any Service

So, I have a great Idea, Why not create service for Sponsorship for Blog and Youtube.

Let’s make it,

Login on fiverr and create a new gig and give a super attracting title for Sponsor your blog or youtube

Example for Title

“I Will Show Your ads on My Blog” or “I Will Write Sponsored Reviews for You” or  I Will Sponsor your Content on my YT Channel”

now, give a detailed description about your gigs and remember to use all the formatting features of fiverr.

Example of Description

Do You Want to Grow your Brand?

If Yes, then you are at right place. We Offer Sponsorship at very low cost to grow your Brand.

Our Website STATS

• 30,000 Impression Per Month

• Best SEO optimized website

• Featured in Quora

Read all the FAQs and Requirement


If You Buy our 1 Gig then we will offer you one more month.

Details about Website

Links to the Website

Create a GOOD Requirement and IMAGE


Enter all the things which you need for sponsorship in requirement section and create an electrifying image with photoshop to create a good impression on your first page.

If you can create a video and explain then do it and set the video on Fiverr.

Promote your GIGs

Promoted Gigs are 3 times likely to sell as per fiverr so promote your gig on any platform you want.


Sponsored Review GIG Example
Sponsored Review GIG Example

The techniques of fiverr are very awesome and I will promise that you will surely get Sponsorship for your blog and youtube channel.

I am still using these techniques and it works well for me. Both CREATOR and BRAND are Happy with that.

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