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Jio Phone Users Will Need to Spend Minimum Rs. 4,500 on Recharges Over 3 Years, Says Jio


  • Reliance Jio has published the terms and conditions for Jio Phone
  • Jio Phone users will have to make recharges worth Rs. 1,500 each year
  • Customers will be liable to penalty if they return the Jio Phone early 


The Jio Phone is going to cost you much more than you had previously anticipated. As Reliance Jio begins shipping the Jio Phone handset to over six million customers in India, the company has updated its website to share for the first time the terms and conditions it would be imposing on users of the feature phone.

At the launch of Jio Phone, Mukesh Ambani, the managing director of Reliance Industries Limited, said the Jio Phone would be effectively free to customers, as the Rs. 1,500 they are paying to Reliance Jio would be refundable after 3 years. But what has not disclosed at the event was that the Jio Phone requires customers to make recharges worth at least Rs. 1,500 every year for the period of 3 years to remain functional, the company states on the website.

The company has also disclosed customers will need to pay up to Rs. 1,500 if they wish to return the Jio Phone within 3 years of purchase.

‘Mandatory’ recharges

“The JioPhone is available for continued use on the Recipient purchasing telecom recharge vouchers of an Authorised Carrier (presently Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited) from the Company or any of its authorized retailers for use in the Jio Phone of a minimum value of Rs. 1,500/- per annum for a period of 3 years from the date of the first issue of the JioPhone,” the terms of condition reads.

Taking this into consideration, you would be spending more than Rs. 4,500 on the Jio Phone over the next 3 years, provided the company refunds you the full Rs. 1,500 amount that you are required to pay as ‘deposit’ in order to get your hands on the handset.

But that’s not all. Those who fail to make recharges worth at least Rs. 1,500 in a year Reliance Jio reserves the right to ask the customer to return the handset. Furthermore, those customers would be liable to pay an additional charge to the company, Reliance Jio states.

If you return the Jio Phone, you will be penalized

The company has also disclosed the return policy on the Reliance JioPhone. Suppose you realize that the Jio Phone is not for you and you wish to return the phone to the company, Reliance Jio says customers who return the Jio Phone handset in the first year would be charged Rs. 1,500 as well as applicable GST or other taxes.

Customers who return the Jio Phone feature phone after one year but before two years would be charged Rs. 1,000 in addition to applicable GST or other taxes. Similarly, customers who return the device after two years but before completing the 3 years they have previously committed to the company, they would be charged Rs. 500, and applicable GST or other taxes.

More than six million JioPhone handsets have been pre-ordered, Reliance Jio said this month. The company says it has begun shipping the JioPhone handset to customers.

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