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SAUDI ARABIA Running the red light will result in a fine of SR 500

The second phase of the automated traffic violations monitoring system (Saher), focusing primarily on awareness about the dangers of running red traffic lights, is already a big success. Media spokesman for the Jeddah Traffic Department, Zaid Al-Hamzi, said the project, which started recently, will continue for a full month.
The Jeddah Traffic Department also launched an information campaign and extensively advertised in various types of media, as well as via social media channels and street billboards, to define the objectives of this campaign. They asked drivers to be cautious and comply with regulations so as not to be caught by Saher cameras.
This week, brochures and pamphlets that explain the new system in detail, will be distributed in Arabic, English, Urdu, and Hindi to drivers in Jeddah by traffic patrolmen deployed in the field.
Al-Hamzi said this system’s regulations include the need for drivers to stop fully for two seconds before turning to the right, committing to the path of the triangle at the traffic light in addition to the need to stop well before the stop sign when the traffic light is red. Otherwise, a traffic violation will be recorded against the driver instantly through surveillance cameras.
He also said that drivers should be alert not to turn into the main road from a service road, when the signal is red and move to the front to give way to others. Drivers should also not try to catch the green light by speeding in excess of the limit specified as this is also monitored by Saher in its new system and a speeding ticket would be issued.
Fines for the aforementioned violations would come to a minimum of SR 500.
The whereabouts of Saher cameras that monitor all irregularities are said to be at the intersection of Granada Street with Prince Majed Street, and Prince Sultan Street with King Abdullah Street. The cameras are now ready to work and monitor violations.
Later more intersections and streets will be outfitted with cameras. The department will announce their location in due course.
Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Hassan Al-Qahtani, Director of Jeddah Traffic Department, will issue a statement later to shed more light on this system. The goal of this campaign is primarily to maintain the safety of the general public, whether they are drivers or passengers, in addition to raising their awareness on traffic systems and special traffic laws. For more Information.

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